Tuesday, October 2, 2012
Yep yep!

Yep yep!

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I feel like creating a new tumblr account. :/Well.. This ones so messyyy.

Good to be back face! :) Excited to update my tumblr! 

Good to be back face! :) Excited to update my tumblr! 

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Need not to PROCRASTINATE. :/

Thursday, January 26, 2012


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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I missed you, tumblr!

How are you? :D

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Don’t be hurt if you’re working hard and nobody seems to notice or appreciate it. What we do in secret unto the Lord, He always rewards in the open. –Joyce Meyer

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Watcha doin’?!

  • Spent time with Maine (an old friend) on the train
  • Review for Math midterm exam
  • Received a GC as a reward: Here’ the POST.
  • Took the sabaw exam on Investments
  • LG with classmates at Youth Room: ReDiscover Jesus!
  • Cell group with Bride of Christ (Eudice, Celina and Jezra)
  • Dinner date/kwentuhan/Planning with Ate Nina at Coffeebean;)
  • Post dinner with Jezree and Kuya Jasper at Mcdo Gateway
I Corinthians 10:31 says, “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” (ESV). 



13August Life Group: ReDiscover

Today is also our Life Group REDISCOVER Jesus cell session at Youth Room-FFA. I am so blessed by Yads for facilitating the event so well. Also, I thank God for the provision. For the favor He lavished. God planted in us (me and my Christian classmates) passion for reaching out people, starting with our classmates. I am so amazed by how God was moving in our class, block 1D. I am so excited to witness transformation within us.

Self check on the topic:
I am so used to my day-to-day life. Life as a child, a lady, as a student, as a Christian girl. But in the lesson today, I felt like asking myself.. am i staying in my “comfort zone” by just living in my same old routine? Not elaborating these more, I am so thankful of hoooow the Lord make ways of just coming back to Him. Of reKnowing Him, REDISCOVERING HIM. 


My LGmates after the session;) All shining for Jesus! :>

All in all, I PtL! :)

Woke up around 12am to review for Math midterm today, but I fail to do so. I am so lazy, I slept while reading:/ *oh no. Sorry Lord. I got up again maybe 4:30.. this time, I had a serious review already, then prepared for school. When I was on the platform, I saw a long lost friend. LOL. *a highschool friend I missed so much. We were both late for our class *sort of. -Fast forward- When I got in sa room, wala pang Prof. YESSSSSS! :) Review review breakfast review:)

In between discussion, Idunno, nauhaw ako.. so labas ako, without even telling the Prof. *so rude. :/  I went to the ATM (Automatic Tubig Machine) for instant refill. On my way back to our classroom, I saw a friend.. not minding I have a class, we chat.. then chat then he went with me to the other room to meet a friend. Then snap, I remember I had a class. Haha.

I can *hear* the noise from the hallway, I enter the room like a ninja. hoho  But then, they all stare at me, yelling: “SIR! AYAN NA PO SI STEPH!” I was so nervous, feeling ko may ginawa ako:/ haha.  I asked them why.. hmmn. And my Prof. gave me a stapled bond paper, explaining that my food/restaurant review was good. And I was chosen to make another. As a reward, he gave me a gift certificate:) 

Lookin’ forward to receiving another after spending this;) hihi

God revealed to me of the things that unexpectedly, comes. Things that we do for no apparent reason but in the end, it is us who are rewarded. I just thank God for the things He makes me experience. So excited on making another review;)

After the masayang Ad concept class.. Math na. Sabaw ako sa MATH!!! :(( Pero all in all, I praise God for making me answer SOME of the questions. PtL! :)

*lol. Thanks Gracious. 12am, eh? Blame it on time. LOL joke. :) Thaaanks!